The MX group at MAX IV runs monthly or bimonthly workshops during the users run. The purpose of these workshops is to train new or infrequent users to carry out experiments at BioMAX. Since 2020 the training workshop have been conducted remotely through zoom.
Topics include:

  • Sample shipment and sample information list preparation
  • Data collection with MXCuBE3
  • IT environment at MAX IV: Remote data collection, offline data processing, data transfer.

Eligible participants must be members of an active proposal. Priority is given to users with scheduled beamtime during the weeks following the training. Note that is is not a crystallography course! Crystal diffraction theory and MX techniques are only are discussed whenever they pertain to specific experimental procedures at BioMAX, and some previous knowledge or experience in those topics may be helpful.

Applications and requirements

MX staff typically sends an announcement some weeks in advance of a workshop. To apply, users need only send a reply to the e-mail. If there are more applications than can be accommodated in a single session, the remainder will be automatically placed in the following session.

All the information required is the name of the person and e-mail address. We request that participants have or create a MAX IV user account in DUO; this is compulsory for on-site workshops or to take active part in remote tutorials via a remote connection to MAX IV, but not strictly necessary to follow remote tutorials on zoom. Participants with a DUO account will be added to a BioMAX proposal created for training purposes and will have access to the software tools presented during the tutorials under that proposal.

To be able to log in to the processing cluster or the beamline remote server users will also need a VPN client and remote desktop client installed on their local computer. Please see the instructions at