About FragMAX Project

Pharmaceutical research is directed towards developing new drugs as a major resource for public health. Fragment screening is one extremely powerful tool within the drug discovery process chain, which can be used to probe functional surfaces of target proteins. FragMAX is a modular screening platform at BioMAX that offers support for users in all stages of the campaign, including sample preparation, data analysis and results export. We are also developing our own fragment library, FragMAXlib, that together with our FragMAXapp provides a complete and in-house developed platform. We support users entering at various points as shown in the picture below. FragMAX runs in close collaboration with Astra Zeneca and SARomics BioStructures as well as together with the Lund Protein Production Platform (LP3) for its development.

User access mode

Commercial/ Industrial access

Commercial or industrial user should contact MAX IV industrial relations team. More information is available on this page.

Academic/ Open User Access

Currently, user access requires a regular project application during MAX IV open calls.

Information about FragMAX applications:

  • FragMAX applications will run as Longterm projects, guaranteeing access for followup projects that may come from the outcomes of a first screen.
  • Users must fill a special application form and provide additional information (e.g. PDB structures, MSDS, etc).
  • FragMAX runs as a scientific collaboration between the user group and FragMAX staff involved in the project execution, leading to co-authorship in scientific publications as part of MAX IV General Terms and conditions for Open User Access


Information about FragMAX template, user policies and MAX IV General terms and conditions are available in this page.


Data processing

All data collected during FragMAX experiments will be processed at MAX IV HPCs. We provide a web-based solution to manage your project and analyse the data, all integrated with our super-computer environment.

The access to our FragMAXapp requires a connection through VPN to MAX IV when not on-site.

Data analysis software available:

  • autoPROC
  • EDNA_proc
  • fastdp
  • XIA2/Dials
  • XIA2/XDS
  • autoBUSTER
  • FSpipeline
  • RhoFit
  • Phenix LigFit
  • PanDDA


FragMAX user facility

FragMAX offers aided crystal harvesting with Crystal Shifter (OLT) integrated with our sample submission system (ISPyB) and data visualisation tool (FragMAXapp).

During experiments at MAX IV, users can benefit from our facility and tools, such as High-Performance Computers,  Pucks and Loops.

















FragMAX contact

  • name Elmir Jagudin
  • name Gustavo Lima
  • name Vladimir Talibov