How to download your data from MAX IV server.

Due to the high amount of data generated during experiments, copying datasets from MAX IV beamlines to external hard disks are not always possible. We highly recommend using Globus Connect to retrieve experimental data from MAX IV


  • A computer running macOS, Windows or Linux
  • Globus ID credentials (Either personal or organizational)
  • MAX IV DUO credentials
  • High-speed internet connection outside MAX IV network

Go to Globus website:

Log in with your Globus account or Sign up for a new one.

If your organization (university, facility, project, etc) is not listed in the dropdown menu, you can use one of the alternatives.

It is important to note that this first login is to gain access to Globus only, not to MAX IV data. The access to MAX IV needs to be configured in the next step.

After successfully log in to Globus, the Transfer Files screen will be loaded and both endpoints can be configured. First, enter the Collection end point (the MAX IV endpoint). Click in the input box and and type “MAX IV Laboratory”.

Click continue. The next window asks for authentication using your DUO Login credentials. To check your login and password, you can follow this link.

You will only have access to data from proposals you are part of.

To download data to a personal computer, one will have to define that computer as Personal Endpoint using Globus Connect software. This can be done by clicking on Turn your computer into an endpoint link.

The first step is to generate a Personal Setup Key and give your computer a name. This name can be anything easy for you to remember (e.g. MyLocalComputer).


The next step is to download and install Globus Connect Personal software in your computer, using the link corresponding to your operating system on the bottom of the page. Follow the on-screen instructions keeping the default settings, adding your setup key when asked for.

Once the connection is established, the local endpoint will be available under the Administrated by me tab, found after clicking the endpoint name on the right-hand side. This option enables searching local folders to download data.

After the setup of local endpoint, data transfer is the final step.

Choose on the left-hand side your data, which is under the following path:


And on the right-hand side your local destination folder and click on the blue button on the top to start your download

To check transfer progress, you can click the Activity button at the bottom of your Transfer Files page. As soon as the transfer finishes, you will receive an email.