BioMAX experimental station
BioMAX experimental station schematics
MD3 goniometer
Sphere of confusion150 nm at 100 deg/sec
Sample microscope12x zoom, on-axis
Additional environmentsMini-kappa goniometer, crystallization plate holder
Sample centering mechanical resolution200 nm
Beam shaping5-50 μm diameter
Eiger 16M detector
Number of pixels4150 × 4371 = 18’139’650
Pixel size75 × 75 μm2
Sensitive area311.2 × 327.8 mm2
Frame rate 16M/9M/4M Mode133 Hz/ 238 Hz/ 750 Hz
ISARA sample changer
Number of samples100 in SPINE pucks, 304 in universal pucks
Plate screening4 sbs-plates in plate loader
Sample exchange time < 18 sec using universal pucks


First user call

A first user call has been released for initial user operation of BioMAX in 2017. BioMAX is will offer the following main features to user experiments:

  • Fixed energy rotation experiment using the omega-axis of the MD3
  • Photon flux 5×1011-1×1012 Phot/sec at 50mA ring current
  • Beam size 20×5 μm2 (hxv FWHM)
  • 16M or 4M scans of the the Eiger detector within the full scan frequency range
  • Detector-crystal distance range 160-1000mm
  • Manual sample exchange (exchange time per sample 3-5 minutes)
  • On-site automatic data processing using XDS

The feature list will be extended constantly, in dependence on the commissioning status.


Contact info: Uwe Mueller