Experiment station

The following equipment is planned for the Balder experimental station. The availability  is indicated by the status. Before applying for beamtime, please contact the Balder team to check the present status of the experimental station.

DetectorsEmission spectrometerSCANIA-2D2017 Q4
Fluorescence detectors7-element SDD, 2-20 keV
2017 Q2
7-element Ge detector, 5-40 keV2017 Q2
Single-element detectors (Amptek and Vortex)In operation
PIPS detector with Lytle detector filter unitIn operation
Ion chambersMAX IV design2016 Q3
Electron yieldMAX IV design2017 Q3
Sample environmentCryostatsClosed cycle 4 K with sample in exchange gas,
MAX IV design
2017 Q3
LN2, sample in vacuum2017 Q3
LN2/LHe, 20 K, with sample in exchange gasIn operation
in-situ cellsLinkam, 1000oC furnace and controllerIn operation
Catalysis gas-flow cell, 500oCIn operation
Liquid flow cell for biological samples2016 Q4
Sample orientationTranslationMotorized horizontal and vertical translation2016 Q3
RotationRotation around vertical axis2016 Q3


Sample preparation laboratory

A small lab for sample preparation is located in close connection to the experiment station. The following special laboratory equipment is planned.

BalanceSartorius, 0.001gIn operation
Fridge/FreezerATEX/EX classed, -20oC2017 Q1
Fume hoodIn operation
FurnaceNebertherm box furnace, 1100 oCIn operation
Glove boxMBraun Labstar, Ar atmosphere, including O2 and H2O analyzers,
balance (0.001 g), pellet press, video microscope
2017 Q1
Heating cabinetBinder 28 L, 230oC2017 Q1
MicroscopeLeica Zoom 2000, 45XIn operation
Pellet pressSpecac 10 ton press, 6 and 12 mm diameter pelletsIn operation
pH meterHanna 212In operation
Ultra centrifugeEppendorf 5804 R, -9 - 40oC, 0.2 - 250 ml tubesIn operation
Ultra-pure waterMillipore, Direct-Q 5, Type 1 waterIn operation