Balder beamline attributes

TechniquesXAS, XES
Beam Sizedefocused V ~0.1-2 x H ~ 2-9 mm2, focused 100 x 100 µm2
Energy Range2.4 - 40 keV
Time Scalesms - s
Samplescovering K-edges from S to La and L-edges from Nb in almost any sample in any form under many condition see text on the main page

Current beamline performance (updated 2019-08-14)

Beam sizeFocused H 100 x V 80 µm2 (Si111), 90 x 90 µm2 (Si311)
Defocused vertical 2 mm, horizontal 200 µm
Energy range5 - 40 keV
Time scalesStep scan 30 min/EXAFS
Fly scan 30 sec/EXAFS
Sample relatedTranslations at ambient conditions for transmission

Information for the second user call (2019-08-22):

  • Balder beamline is providing transmission and fluorescence XANES/EXAFS in the energy range from 5 – 40 keV (DCM Si111, Si311).
  • Scanning can be made in step scan mode (~30 min/EXAFS) or in fly scan mode (~30 sec/EXAFS) for both transmission and fluorescence detection. XANES spectra will be correspondingly faster.
  • Sample translations at ambient conditions.
  • Fluorescent detection XAS with the 7 element SDD is available up to 20 keV. The 7 element Ge detector (up to 40 keV) is to be commissioned.
  • XES is not available.
  • XRD is not available.


Sample holders:

The multi-sample holding plates fit to the translation stages used at ambient conditions. The same size (22 x 75 mm2) and interface will also fit in the coming cryostat and be compatible with robotic sample loading (exception the 13 mm pellet plate). If users want to design their own holders, please use the same interface (2x ∅5.6 mm holes and the 3.4 mm slot). Drawings are available upon request.