To see the current status of the accelerators please use this link.

User operation suspended

The COVID-19 Pandemic risks in MAX IV are managed in accordance with the recommendations of Lund University & public health authorities including the Swedish Public Health Agency (FHM).

From Monday 18 January on, MAX IV will suspend normal on-site operation and enter into a warm shutdown with minimum on-site staff level. We expect this situation to continue for the next several weeks at least and will update this page with a new schedule when the situation has changed and we are going back into user operation.

Machine operation schedule

A standard delivery week begins and ends at 08:00 on Monday. Monday 08:00 until Tuesday 08:00 is reserved for maintenance and start-up activities on the accelerators. Tuesday 08:00 until Wednesday 08:00 is used for beamline characterisation and commissioning, and operational beam currents are not guaranteed during this time. The remainder of the week is delivery to users at operational currents.  

Due to COVID-19 the schedule below is no longer valid and will change when we go from warm shutdown to user operation. 



Code Description
M Maintenance
S Accelerator Studies
SR Studies (reduced)
B Beamline Studies
U User
R Radiation work
C RF conditioning
AS Accelerator Startup
BS Beamline Startup


Injector schedule

3 GeV storage ring schedule

1.5 GeV storage ring schedule