The Operation Group consists of 6 operators and is headed by the Group Manager, Filip Persson, who also works as an operator. We are responsible for delivering a stable high-quality beam to the users. This means operating and controlling the accelerator complex consisting of the 3 GeV linac, the 1.5 GeV storage ring and the 3 GeV storage ring. We work to constantly improve beam availability, beam quality and operation in general.



Right now we are working together with the Accelerator Development Group with commissioning of the 3 GeV storage ring. We work with machine optics, stability, injection efficiency. In late summer we will start commissioning of the 1.5 GeV ring and its transfer line. We have also participated and developed subsystem tests (e.g. trim coils, thermoswitches), control room GUIs, control software.


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Contact info: Filip Persson