The MAX IV linac serves two purposes: it’s a continuous top-up injector to both storage rings, but it also accelerates and compresses electron bunches for the short-pulse facility. The linac consists of two electron guns (a photo-rf gun for SPF pulses and a thermionic rf gun for storage ring injection), two bunch compressors, and 39 S-band accelerating structures along with their power stations (modulators, klystrons, SLED cavities). Two vertical transfer lines connect the linac with the two storage rings.

Maximum Energy3.7 GeV
No. of accelerating structures39
Overall length~300 m
Bunch structures1 x 100 pC at 100 Hz, 10 x 3 x 100 pC at 10 Hz
Bunch lengths (FWHM)30 fs - 5 ps
Normalized emittance (RMS)< 10 mm mrad

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