Roadmap call for contributions

This page is a draft under construction and made public to solicit input on its contents. We are very grateful for any thoughts and feedback sent to: . This paragraph will be removed when the page is completed.

What is the Roadmap document?

The Roadmap is a separate document linked to the Strategy document. It details potential major items such as new or upgraded beamlines, instruments, and infrastructures. The focus of the document is the time frame from the present through 2030. Collaborators of the document will seek to implement and raise investments over the next decade.

In contrast to the Strategy document, which will change little – if at all – when finished, the Roadmap is an evolving document expected to undergo an annual review at least for the next three years.

The purpose of the Roadmap document is to present

  • A prioritized timeline for development of propose major items for enhancing the capabilities of MAX IV, as described above
  • How the proposed items will keep MAX IV at the international forefront of science
  • How the proposed items are aligned with the Strategy


The ambition of the Roadmap is to be partially accessible to potential funders and non-experts. The document should act as an operational guide for fundraising and have an expected timeline for implementing the items included.

Contributions to the Roadmap through Expressions of Interest

The call for “Expressions of Interest” (EoIs) invites brief proposals from the MAX IV community for new beamlines, instruments, capabilities, and upgrades proposed for the MAX IV Strategic Roadmap. EoIs will be evaluated as to the feasibility and scientific merit for potential inclusion in the roadmap. Inclusion of EoIs in the roadmap only implies a strategic prioritisation and development timeline; it does not imply a funding allocation. MAX IV, together with its partners, will separately seek to raise funding for items on the roadmap to develop MAX IV through 2030.

EoIs fall into three distinct types

  • Complete beamlines
  • Experimental stations, instrumentation, and upgrades
  • Other infrastructure and capabilities


An item warrants an EoI if any of these are true

  • The expected cost is on the order of 10 million SEK or more
  • The suggested expansion, construction, or upgrade impacts operations in a significant way, for example, if the implementation affects other beamlines and experiments
  • What is proposed is already funded but needs to be evaluated for feasibility and scientific relevance.


If you are doubting whether you should make a submission or not, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask via: . Suggestions for equipment, other upgrades and improvements that are part of operations, and outside of the roadmap process, should be directed to the MAX IV management, or the appropriate beamline managers.


The next deadline for submission is the 18th of November 2021

The deadline date, following the annual User Meeting, gives consortia the opportunity to present and discuss at the User Meeting, or in proximity to it.

A submission is made by filling out the template and e-mailing it as a Word document or PDF to . Please, put “Submission of Expression of Interest” in the email subject line.

Those who wish to organise and advertise workshops connected to the submission of an EoI, please see the Workshops page for more details and how MAX IV can help.

Contents of submission

The submission should be a maximum of five pages for a beamline, and three pages for the two other types.

Apart from ticking the appropriate boxes, the submission should contain the sections

  • Abstract
  • Background
  • Scientific case
  • User community and engagement
  • Technical specifications
  • State of the Art / Comparison to other beamlines or similar infrastructure (benchmarking)
  • Impact statement
  • Proposers
  • References


Template for EoI submission

Download the current draft Template for MAX IV Expressions of Interest (docx)

This template might change pending input from the community, so if you download it, please also sign up to the Strategy Updates e-mail list to stay updated on developments and changes.

How the EoIs are evaluated

An EoI goes through three steps before being entered into the roadmap

  1. Technical feasibility report – MAX IV Management will will coordinate a check on the technical feasibility of EoIs, a short report of a couple of paragraphs for each, which will state if what is proposed is acheivable, improbable, or impossible. All EoIs are passed on to the next step.
  2. Individual evaluation by Roadmap Evaluation Committee – The committee is composed of 10-12 representatives from the MAX IV SAC, MAX IV MAC, Swedish universities, industry, and other international expertise.
    The categories are

    1. EoIs that are judged to be outstanding and of very high priority. These are eligible to be included in the Roadmap this round. There might be follow up questions to the proposers to be clarified before the final step.
    2. EoIs that are judged to be excellent and of high priority. These are also eligible to be included in the roadmap in this round. These might have more extensive follow up questions to be answered and clarified before the final step.
    3. EoIs that are judged to have insufficient grounds to go through this round. This does not necessarily mean that they are no good, it might be appropriate to re-enter in another round. The committees will motivate their choices and provide feedback.
  3. Prioritisation by the Roadmap Evaluation Committee – Meeting some months after the previous step Based on supplementary information requested in the previous step, the committee recommends which EoIs from categories A and B should enter the roadmap. The committee passes a list to the MAX IV board. Final decisions are taken by the MAX IV Board.


Evaluation criteria

The criteria and detailed evaluation process will be intensively discussed with the Swedish universities and user community. The evaluation criteria are expected to include issues that are fairly standard in these circumstances, for example:

  • Positions MAX IV at the international forefront of science
  • Utilizes the unique capabilities of MAX IV
  • Relevance to the current and future MAX IV user community
  • Potential for societal impact
  • Likelihood of success
  • Time needed to implement


When the detailed instructions for the evaluators have been decided upon, they will be published on this page.

What happens once you are in the Roadmap document?

There is no predetermined path to funding for roadmap items. MAX IV management will be responsible for reaching out to proposers and work towards possible avenues for funding. It is expected that proposers contribute to this fundraising, with the help of the designated spokespersons and in close collaboration with MAX IV.


Please, contact us at

For urgent questions, please contact the main coordinator

Martin Stankovski


Phone: +46 729 12 07 50