MAX IV strategy 2023–2030

MAX IV is in the process of developing a science-driven strategy to guide the development of the laboratory through 2030. MAX IV submitted a first draft strategy and proposed operations budget for 2023–2030 to the Swedish Research Council (VR) in March 2021 at its request, to guide decisions on future operations funding of the laboratory. The current thrust of the strategic process is to engage the community in the development of a full science-driven strategy, to be finalised by autumn of 2022.

The aim of the strategy process is to deepen the discussion with the MAX IV research community, and foremost national stakeholders. Our goal is to set a strategic course for producing high-impact science and ensuring that MAX IV stays at the forefront as a Swedish national user facility through the next decade.

The strategy work has two main components

1) The Strategy document, which will articulate a vision, mission, and compelling topical directions such as transformative science, industrial applications, and cross-cutting techniques. A first draft to invite community input has been prepared as part of an operations budget request to the Swedish Research Council.

2) A development Roadmap document, which will detail a timeline for potential new and upgraded major instruments and infrastructure through 2030. This will be worked out together with the MAX IV community.

Note that the First Draft does not have this division, in this, Section 6 corresponds to an inventory of the initiatives known at the time. The separation in two documents is done in parallel with introducing an open and recurring process for proposing new major infrastructure, with its first call for contributions on Nov 18th.

First Draft of the Strategy document

The first draft for community input can be downloaded here



In the current step, we are working towards a second draft of the Strategy document. We expect also at least a third draft before a final version is brought up for approval by the MAX IV board. The drafts will be made available publicly on this page. The user community is expected to take part in creating the drafts and will also receive them for feedback. For more information, please see the feedback and writing process page. There is also a subpage to this one where we gather information about relevant workshops and meetings ongoing related to the strategy and/or roadmap work.

We expect the Roadmap document to undergo yearly revision, at least until 2023. The process for doing this is going to be decided in collaboration with the user community.


Please contact us by sending a mail to

Approximate time plan and activities


May–Sep Strategic workshops around specific beamline or major instrument proposals, as well as strategy related workshops and/or meetings with the user community
1st week Oct Second draft of the Strategy document only (not the Roadmap) updated taking into account the feedback recived before the summer from the community.
25th – 27th Oct MAX IV User meeting (UM 2021). The user meeting will host several workshops about scientific opportunities at MAX IV and relating to the overall strategy, including potential new beamline or other major instrument proposals. Satellite workshops are also planned.
18th Nov Deadline for submission beamline/instrument proposals or “expressions of intent” for 2021 (expect a call every year). Proposals will go through an evaluation process and checks for feasibility before entering the roadmap. Please note this does not mean that they are funded, just that they have been deemed feasible and in line with the strategy. Expect details on how these should be shaped and evaluated within a month or two on this page, the proposals are expected to be succinct (2–3 pages).
March Strategy document (Third Draft) and Roadmap draft together based on contributions, and the feedback from the UM 2021.
March–May Collect external stakeholder input, and execute communications/activities connected to the research bill.
June–Aug Submit Strategy Document (Final Draft) + Roadmap 2022 to The MAX IV Board for approval

How the work is organised within MAX IV

The work is coordinated by a managing group which includes the MAX IV Director, the division heads and a few supporting staff. In addition to the managing group, there is a core group comprised of senior staff at MAX IV. The responsibility of the core group is to coordinate and advise on specific topics, such as transformative science areas, cross cutting topics and other major items. Currently the managing group meets weekly and the managing and core croup in plenum biweekly.