The MAX IV University Reference Group (URG) was established to assist in creating an active and mutually beneficial collaboration with universities that have strong involvement and interest in MAX IV Laboratory. The MAX IV URG, consulted by MAX IV Management, acts as a forum to coordinate the laboratory’s strategic planning and development, where these concern the URG member universities. The URG has an important role in the dissemination of MAX IV related information within the universities.

The URG is consulted specifically in issues related to MAX IV’s scientific programme and strategy, beamlines and other large instrumentation being considered for construction at MAX IV, training and education at MAX IV including the universities’ role in this area, formal collaborations between universities and MAX IV, scientific access to MAX IV, and outreach efforts involving university – MAX IV collaborations.

The MAX IV Laboratory Board decides on the member universities, or consortia of universities, of the URG, following recommendations from the MAX IV Director. Each URG member university/consortium of universities can nominate 2 members to the URG, one representing the University Management, one representing the university’s scientific interests in MAX IV.

The URG meets at least twice a year with MAX IV Management. Once a year, the URG Chair is invited to report to the MAX IV Laboratory Board.