The Director of MAX IV Laboratory is responsible for the operational management of the laboratory and for the reporting to the Board.

The laboratory is divided into three main divisions; Accelerators, Science and Administration, headed by an Accelerator Director, Physical Sciences Director, Life Sciences Director and Administrative Director.

The MAX IV Director and four division directors constitute the Management Team of the laboratory:

Ian McNulty, MAX IV Director
Pedro Fernandes Tavares, Accelerator Director
Conny Såthe, Physical Sciences Director (interim)
Marjolein Thunnissen, Life Sciences Director
Katarina Jacobsson, Administrative Director (on leave)
Annette Stambolovski, Administrative Director (substitute)


The MAX IV Laboratory Director is recruited and appointed by the MAX IV Laboratory Board.

The appointment of other members of the MAX IV Laboratory Management Team is approved by the Board.
The Board approves the job description for each Management Team member.